We swung by  “the caramel cafe” in kottayam . We were just killing time so we checked out the place . It was 5 in the evening, so we weren’t exactly hungry .

Haneyl ordered a  “sizzling brownie” (110 rs) , its  chocolate cake on a layer of hot sizzling chocolate, finished with a scoop of ice cream  on top of the cake . It tasted great , and would have been better with a thicker layer/form of chocolate and a slightly softer cake . The waiter tipped over the ice cream from the cake  by mistake , but I guess he’s new at the job , so all’s forgiven .

I had a mint chutney sandwich .  (65 rs)
( my fault 🙂 , I assumed it had some form of meat in it , but  turns out this is a vegetarian dish ) .
I thought it tasted great for a vegetarian dish ,  and it didn’t make me feel disappointed that I didn’t get the chicken sandwiches  . I guess it’s a really good healthier alternative , if you ignore the mayonnaise covered coleslaw at the side , But  a chutney sandwich for 65 rs  feels too expensive .
I also had a espresso (25 rs) which was fine .
I will give a proper review next week , when I swing by for main course meals 🙂  .
Most of the items on the menu were pretty affordable and looked great ( I  want to try out their pancakes with butter and honey )

The caramel cafe only began a few days ago and should be up and running fluently by the end of the week .They still have a descent amount of interior furnishing work ahead of them . It looks pretty classy inside .
We suggested pool tables 🙂  and  TV screens with access to soccer (copa america begins in a month)

The caramel cafe  is  at the first floor of hotel icon classic located  opposite to thirunakarra maidan (ground) , and a couple of stores beside josco jewelery .

(excuse , the low quality pictures , shot with cellphones , didn’t have the digicam around)