One of the most anticipated movies of all time, avengers is a movie event that comic book fans will love.
At the end of the first iron man movie, hints were dropped that marvel were putting in place plans to bring the avengers on screen. Later, individual superhero movies were made to set up characters like the hulk, Thor and Captain America. With the additional members, Hawkeye and black widows playing minor cameos in other hero’s movies.  So a lot of credit has to be given to marvel for pulling this off, they’ve been building this thing for ages, and now they can finally reap their rewards.

The story revolves around “Loki” (brother of Thor), as he decides to invade earth with an alien army. His first act was to attack “shield”, a military organization led by general nick fury (Samuel .L. Jackson), a wounded shield then has no choice but to invoke the “avengers initiative” to bring about the special heroes to join together as a team.
Since the characters have already been set up in their previous movies, no introductions are in order, and we are sent directly to the warzone. We get to see the heroes meeting each other for the first time , and  as in every time heroes meet in comics , they fight (though quite unnecessarily) .
Though predictable, these are all moments that fans of these characters have been dreaming about. The only character development, is that of the team as a whole, and you do see some of it by the end of the movie.

And no person other than Joss whedon is perfect for bringing scenes like this to life.  He has done an excellent job writing these characters as they should be, though I did feel captain America was a bit off. The tension between the heroes is apparent, and whedon has just the right lines to make it not seem boring. He has even instilled some great humor that came along with all his former TV shows (angel, Buffy, firefly). Since 6 characters are fighting for screen time, I felt whdeon did them all justice, even the lesser used “Hawkeye” is given his fair share of moments in the second half to balance his absence in the first half. And the movie does feature the best iteration of the hulk (personally my favorite character in this movie) that has ever been created on screen and he steals the show.

The visuals are spectacular, and the best among all comic book movies made till date.  The fighting, character movements, explosions have been well choreographed and are quite comprehensible. (Michael bay should learn a thing or two)

But it’s not all good news, the story though good, was completely predictable. (Comic book readers should’ve seen this coming ages ago from the trailers).
I felt the 3D was a  distraction , quite annoying  too , I was more concerned  on whether I was watching it right than  watching the movie.
I felt Thor was underutilized , for a Norse Demigod (he is supposed to be in the same league as superman), he spend way too much time fighting alien foot soldiers among humans , while iron man went around battling the bigger aliens.
Also, this is made as a sequel to the preceding individual superhero movies, so for the normal audience that are newly introduced to these superheroes, they will find it a bit hard to grasp their individual characterizations.

I give the avengers   3.5/5 (or B+) for being an awesome visual and fun experience.  Summer blockbuster
material, released early cause let’s face it, this year’s summer belong to just ONE superhero 😉  .