I was able to see a joss whedon (creator of Buffy, angel, firefly, avengers) movie called “cabin in the woods”, and it is the most original take on the horror genre I have seen in ages. It is clearly a movie made just to insult the typical modern age horror movies where monsters have been replaced by in whedeon’s words “torture porn”.

The story starts of as a much expected typical “group of friend’s visits cabin in the woods” scenario, but what you don’t expect is that the entire thing is set up by a government organization that governs this “ritual” event annually.
the entire movie feels like a joke , so on the acting front don’t expect much , but some of the mysteries of horror movies like “why are the teenagers in horror movies this stupid ?” are answered here. There is star cameos from all of whedons past shows. And that awesome “whedoni-ian” humor has come with them.
There are monsters from all fronts of the imagination joining along too, and their brief moments onscreen makes you realize how awesome it would be if all of them had their own individual movies.
Zombies are ridiculed to an extent, and the ones that do appear are given personalities.

Rather than scares, you will be laughing most of the time, and that’s a good thing. this should be enough to shake up the movie producers n studios before they decide to green light another saw/resident evil/hill have eyes movie . There are a lot of metaphors here that you will recognize as ridicules of the entire modern age horror genre, and in one way this feels like a tribute to his fans.

I love all of joss whedons work, though he may not be the classiest, he does know how to make any scenario much more enjoyable. And his writing is excellent too; I have yet to find a character of his that has sounded stupid (without a reason).

I give this movie a 4/5 for being such a nice surprise and for the final scene. Or A+