The finale of the movie series delivers with more punch and epicness than even its own source material. (I don’t want to spoil this for the first time watches, please go see the preceding movies, or read the books to better understand the plot)
The movie shows harry and friends out hunting the remaining horcuxes, and fighting the final fight against voldemort at the place we grew up loving so much, Hogwarts.

Being a person who read all the books, it was weird seeing everything tie up in ways I’ve never imagined it. I’ve always imagined Hogwarts to be a more brighter , more yellow  less grey place  (mainly because I only started reading the books , once I’ve saw  the first 2 movies made by Chris Columbus )  . I still remember the first time I saw the sorcerer’s stone (the first movie in the series), I had gone to a friends birthday party, as a kid, I went in anticipation knowing I would be able to see the movie, but instead they played dr. Doolittle (that dumb Eddie Murphy flick), but by the end of the party I was able to sneak their copy of the movie out of the house, and watch it at home.
Ever since movie 3, everything’s been darker, with little hints of humor. My favorite in the series is still movie 6 , because I loved all the little details of studying in Hogwarts , I loved the interactions between slughorn and harry , the potion making classes and that awesome half blood prince chemistry book .

This movie was dark and gloomy, just as how it should be, to show how much is at stake for the heroes and to show how overpowered they are in front of the villains. Most of the scenes were shot brilliantly and with so much power in the acting department.

Daniel Radcliffe is still brilliant as harry, and in some scenes really brings out all the reasons why we love harry potter so much. Scenes like the one where harry prepares to face death, is just excellent, maybe even more powerful than I could’ve ever imagined it to be. Some of the more dramatically intense scenes in the book (especially, Dumbledore’s back-story) have been omitted entirely; I don’t mind it though, because it may have really slowed down the pace of the movie.

Special effects, felt lesser, but all of them looked great.
The battles are well done, and are on par with the hold-the-fort battles from the lord of the rings series. Considering the last movie didn’t show even a bit of Hogwarts, it was great to see Hogwarts come alive to defend itself. To see all the students and harry wearing their old school cloaks really brings out that nostalgia feeling.  Also the climax scene just reeks of nostalgia and made me want to see the first movie one more time.

It’s a great thing, that even if I read the last book more than once, the movie still felt fresh and had my attention entirely.

Overall rating: 9.5 /10   or    A,
Better than expected.
There were rumors of the dark knight teaser trailer premiering with this movie . I wonder if it shows in India

It is highly recommended that you see the preceding movies or read the books, at least figure out the preceding story from your friends before going in to watch this movie.