I actually saw this movie on the night before the official release. I was able to acquire tickets to an early screening at Oberon mall in Cochin. I wanted to post a review earlier, but I realized you guys would probably go see it anyway, cause lets face it, transformers isn’t for intellects, it’s for people just out to have a great time.

About the movie, it’s the 3rd movie in the trilogy of transformers movies created by Michael bay (the rock, bad boys). This movie reveals some fictional secrets that the US government had been hiding from the auto bots (good robots). These secrets, in the hands of the decepticons (bad robots) could allow them to open a space gateway that allows their armies to reach earth.

The good,
The story this time around, has better screenplay, slight surprises and also manages to create a much faster and dangerous atmosphere.
The movie is actually quite better than the first one in the series.  And most of the major annoyances from the second movie are gone (no more robot scrotums).
It’s visually an excellent movie, they’ve managed to blend 3D in great places, and none of the CGI effects felt cheap or incomprehensible. Though personally I felt the 3d was gimmicky, and I was constantly removing the glasses and seeing the clarity of the original film (3D makes the image quite dull and reduces brightness and contrast by a huge margin). This would be better to be seen in high definition.
On the acting front, Shia leboef plays Sam witwicky once again, he plays a commendable job and alongside him, is a new actress who manages to remove all traces of the previous actress (Megan fox).  The stunts in this one felt cooler, especially all the work the “humans” do to beat the decepticons.

The bad (oh boy),
the story, even though it is intriguing, has a lot of plot holes (tons of them). Because of these plot holes, the second half feels like a circus, with the robots doing stupid things for no reason.
Michael bays direction is fine, but some times it feels like he is just trying to rush to a scene to blow stuff up. In between the blowing stuff up, you may see hot women, hot cars, or just old stupid men that could’ve altogether been removed from the movie.
A big problem with this movie is that the character development for most of the supporting cast is quite absent. I just hear them run around, scream and shoot some stuff.

Aside from these factors, the movie is great way to end a trilogy that was ruined thanks to the second movie “the revenge of the fallen”. This is the last transformers movies from Michael bay, a reboot or new direction is in order.

Overall: 6.5 / 10 … or C-
It’s a visual feast, but everything else is a bore