Bombay march 12 is an almost documentary-like drama that needs to be noticed for the message it’s trying to tell.  Its screenplay is setup from different time periods in the story, so it may be a little hard for common folk to keep a track off. So if you want to have a fun time at the movies on the weekends, this movie is not for you.

The movie is directed by the script writer for the movie “city of god”, so you can expect the same form of story telling, with bits and pieces of the story being showing to you, and forming a complete picture only by the end of the movie.
The movie tries desperately to show the injustice provided to Muslims   from society because of certain terrorists. The various treacherous tactics used to recruit new young terrorists are also discussed here.
The script writing and acting by the leads is excellent.
Mammoty is excellent in his portrayal of 2 different characters played by the same person. Even the supporting cast helps set the atmosphere as a serious movie that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Though the movie is interesting, its flaws are in the screenplay department.  There is way too much re-usage of footage that you will get a little tired of seeing the scenes more than once.
Stories of 3 characters are told, and how their lives are interconnected, so expect to see scenes repeated more than thrice.
The movie has some great suspenseful atmosphere, at some parts, but most of the time, the story is just trying to push itself to the finale.
The climax is where the movie gets really interesting, and leaves you wishing to see the sequel.
(Yes! a sequel is in store for this one)
the background score too is quite sad though I think that was the intention.

Overall rating:  7/10 or B-

This is strictly an award category film, but has hints of a future sequel that keeps me interested.