Let me begin the review by telling you how important  Green lantern is to the DC comic book universe . In the comics ,  He has done stuff that even superman couldn’t , the entire history of green lanterns is so huge that every storyline of theirs is a huge epic event . When superman and batman protect the earth and Gotham , the green lanterns protect the remaining universe .

So you see , I had huge expectations  before seeing the movie  , also due to the fact that it was going to be directed by Martin Campbell ( he made the james bond movies “Casino royal”  and “Golden eye” , he also made “the mask of Zorro”) .

The movie begins with a brief description on the evil force that is parallax (much different from the comic books) and  the origin story of the green lantern corps.
We are then introduced to Hal Jordan and the reasons for his lack of self-esteem and fears . A dying green lantern Abin Sur manages to send out his ring to find a worthy successor , and his ring finds Hal Jordan thus making him a new green lantern.
We get to see Hal visit the planet Oa (green lantern headquarters and the centre of the universe)  and learn to project constructs with will power .
(the green lantern rings runs on the mind’s will power , it constructs whatever the user imagines , as long as the user has enough will power to maintain the construct . It will be explained better in the movie )

The movie is great in these beginning scenes ,  but  switches to a  low-budget movie territory , by bringing Hal back to earth and using Hector Hammond (a scientist gone mad , by influences of parallax)  as the movie villain .
The movie then shows Hal Jordan battling his inner fears  and figuring out ways to defeat Hammond and the evil entity parallax .

First problem with the movie  is ,  it requires a better budget , the CGI effects are not that good , and would’ve been better if it were in a complete CGI movie (like Beowulf) .  A movie like green lantern requires at least  “avatar” level of money and visual effects .
Next , it needs a better plot , this movie’s script was pathetic .  They  fused  2 great green lantern villains (krona and parallax) into one pathetic ugly yellow cloud monster called parallax . You should never screw up movie villains . (remember what happened to galactus and the fantastic four) .
The other potential threat is hector Hammond , who shouldve been avoided all together .
The sequences on OA and with other alien green lanterns were very less (must be around in total 10 minutes of overall screen time) . The beauty of green lantern stories is the variety of alien species , and battles on other distant planets . Instead ,  almost the entire movie is  wasted on earth .
Sinestro , a vital character of the green lantern universe (he will become the first yellow lantern , the arch-enemy of hal Jordan ) was given very little importance in the movie .  It’s amazing that they screwed up this rival chemistry .
Pacing of the movie is way too fast in the really good scenes , but goes really slow in the boring scenes , it feels like they were rushing to finish this movie with the least visually taxing scenes as possible  .
The movie should have been directed by James Cameron .

see me do "the people's elbow"

Although not everything is bad ,  Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan is excellent , he nailed Hal Jordan perfectly , and really shows a man who conquers fear , and blake lively is quite descent as the heroine .
If I remember right , I think she turns into star sapphire (purple lantern) in the future .
Scenes in Oa are great though short .
Mark strong as sinestro is excellent . If they do make a sequel , it will be amazing to see Hal and sinestro fight it out in the war between the green and yellow lantern corps .

overall rating : 5/10  or  D –

It’s not a good sign when I have to pick out good stuff from an overall bad experience .
This had ambition , but falls flat .
I must point out that is not a bad movie , it’s just barely satisfactory .  (it’s not fantastic four : rise of the silver surfer level of bad 😛 )
They can fix the problems in the sequels , as long as Ryan Reynolds sticks around .

FYI , batman and green lanterns have an ongoing feud with each other in the comics , not a serious one though 😀  but it is quite funny , heres a link about their silly fights http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/One_Punch