Wow . Just wow .
I began downloading this show only because there wasnt anything else worthwhile to see , I never suspected that this would be the best tv show I’ve ever seen . After 10 weeks of pure awesomeness , the show left me wanting for much more .

I wanted to give a review much earlier , but the problem is , the show is quite complicated , with every character having a highly important back story that may cause you to “love em or hate em “.

It is based on a novel by George r.r martin .
The show is about various families and tribes (respective clans and armies) living in a fictional universe ,  where most of them are out to get the  power to rule the kingdom (through political and war based tactics) .
Make no mistake , this is not a boring soap opera drama , these are highly interesting stories about various people ,  and the show does include various mystical creatures too (zombies , and other creatures I really don’t want to spoil for you ) .
The best thing about the show is the “surprises” , characters and the story tend to take highly unsuspecting routes , that leave me glued to my seats . It’s hard to not pick sides (families) to support , all of them have their advantages and vices  , so it’s really up to the viewer to understand the characters he or she wishes to support .
Apparently the TV show has been so far , true to its novel roots , so i must mention that the writing is excellent . There are quotes and dialogues that are just awesome to hear .

Acting by most of the leading cast is excellent , sometimes their characters are portrayed so well , it’s almost incredibly sad when someone dies (I got freaking angry for one particular character’s death) .
Even the child actors perform really well.
Production values are incredible , some of the episodes look so good , you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a movie .
I’d have to start a new blog just for game of thrones if I were to give a broad analysis .
All I can say is that , pretty much all adults and teens will love this show .

The first season finished yesterday night , and it ended with tragedy and hope in equal measure . I just hope they can keep this ball rolling .

Season 1 had 10 episodes in total , and each episode is around 1 hour of airtime . (550 mb)
Be advised though , this is a HBO TV show , not like other shows , there is large amounts of nudity and gore , that clearly makes this show strictly for adults and late teens . ( I think it’s the most adult TV show ever , even true blood looks silly compared to this)

season 1 rating :  A+   or  10/10
I am a little sad that I’ve got to wait an entire year to see a new episode 😦

Even the opening theme song is epic (i have the guitar version as my ringtone)