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X men first class is the “origin” movie for the x-men team . This should have been x-men 1 !

Set in the cold war era (1960’s) , this shows how  Charles Xavier started building his first team , and how magneto (Erik) decided to fight the humans for world power . Xavier and magneto are the yin and yang of the marvel universe , here we see a bright life enjoying optimistic Xavier and on the other side a tormented revenge driven soul of a man called Erik .
Xavier wants to find mutants and help them fit into society and help society accept them in peace.
Erik wants to kill  Sebastian Shaw , the man who killed his mother during the world war 2 era . Shaw wants to destroy humanity by igniting a nuclear war between Russia and America .
Xavier , while  trying to help the CIA catch Shaw (now in the modern age  and in a younger mutated form) , finds a troubled rage driven Erik and helps him  find and train a group of mutants to form a team , as the CIA needs a mutant team on their side so that they can fight the Russians (who has Shaw and his team of mutants) .

We get to see the  first batch of mutants all training to master their powers . (something that should have been done better in the previous movies). Most  of them have great character development ,  must point out  “mystique” , who was so lovely in this movie , that it makes you wonder why Charles Xavier never had feelings for  her (I blame Charles for she being evil ).
While some of the new characters need a lot of development ,  one movie really isn’t enough to show all of their stories .
This movie is mostly about Erik and Charles  .
During the training , we get to see the friendship bond between Erik and Xavier growing .
This character and relationship development is  really well done here,  it’s so well done that  it is really sad to see them split up into 2 factions of mutants in the end (even if it is expected) .

Acting by the james mcavoy (xavier) and michael fassbender (Erik)   is excellent , and makes you wish this is a reboot (it is not , it is a prequel). Especially in a scene , where  Xavier accesses Erik’s mind and uncovers a forgotten childhood memory.  Both are portrayed so differently from their older versions , Xavier here is a party loving ladies man , while Erik is a professional assassin that makes James bond look lame (fassbender would make an excellent james bond).
The new kids (or old ones ?) are good but not great .

The CGI and visual effects are excellent and not over done . This would be excellent in a blue ray collection. Unlike the previous  x-men movies , this one has some great well-lit scenes in the day that are amazing  and would look gorgeous in HD.

Now  I really want to see the sequels once again . I wonder how they are going to develop future x-men movies , a sequel to first class is planned , but I also want to see what happens after x-men 3 ( xavier is alive after the credits)
I would love to see x-men members help out  the avengers and vice-versa . Spiderman should be helping them out too . (sigh) geeky fanboy dreams  🙂

overall : 9/10
They should just take this movie as a reboot to the franchise (only keep  hugh jackman as wolverine )