here we go again , probably for the last time

The hangover 2 is pretty much better than the original in many ways , more action , more danger , more chaos and even more at stake , But NOT more laughs .

The movie revolves around 3 guys who go to Bangkok to attend one of their weddings .
They along with the brother-in-law are drugged into having a bachelorette night at town 3 days before the wedding . They wake up the next day in an amnesia state and with the brother-in-law missing . now the 3 of them must retrace their steps and find out what happened the night before and find the missing brother-in-law .
(if you havent seen the hangover 1 , this is pretty much exactly what happens in it , except the setting is in Vegas instead of Bangkok and the missing person is the groom , their best friend)

Zach gafinakilis (alan) plays once again the “idiot” of the 3 , but this time he seems just as an overgrown idiot . He seems to be doing the same role for the last 3 movies  hangover 1 , due date (he co-stars with Robert dowey Jr., as they travel across the country) and now hangover 2 .
phil still plays the cool handsome guy of the bunch and doesn’t do anything remotely funny . he’s just there so that the other 2 seem funnier .
Stu , is a laugh riot , most of the movie is just him getting into terrible situations (especially since its his wedding 3 days later)

What felt awesome in the original felt kind of silly now .
How in the world did they manage to get drugged again ?!!  If the person who drugged you in the first movie offers you marshmallows , you say NO !!  (especially since they were trying their best NOT to get drunk or drugged )
Hangover 2 is almost everything you’ve seen in the first movie slightly modified plus a slight story that revolves around chow (the Japanese guy from the first movie) .
Instead of relying on actual funny jokes and hilarious situations , this movie uses surprises and shock value to keep people interested .
I can understand why 2 major actors (Liam neeson , Mel gibson) turned down the role  of the tattooist.

They even reuse mike Tyson , this time as a surprise guest (even though the ads clearly point him out)  to SING !! pointless!  it was a terrible performance too !

Don’t get me wrong , this is a great movie , it’s  a slightly interesting ride all the way to the end  but if you’ve seen the first one , then this feels a little dragging .
(if you see this one first , then the original will (maybe , probably not) feel a little tiring )

overall : 6/10
Makes you realize how hard it must be to write good sequels .
There may be kung fu panda 2  playing  in the screen next door  , go check that out  :/