voldemort couldn't look this pretty

Color me surprised . I didn’t expect the movie to be this good . (the trailers don’t do it justice)

Okay , the tale aint so genuine , there are bits and pieces in the story stolen from pretty much all the other big movie franchises ( you will be reminded of harry potter , lord of the rings and even the matrix ) .
Cant blame anybody though , the best tale of the series was already told in the first movie (po becoming the dragon warrior) , so for those of you who haven’t seen kung fu panda 1 , it is highly recommended you do , before seeing this one .    The story takes the harry potter route by introducing a pesky little peacock called lord shen  who is the reason for po being an orphan . ( prophecies state that shen would be killed by a panda , so he kills almost all pandas )
Lord shen , though slightly skilled in combat is also a master of projectile fire weapons ( canons) that can defeat most kung-fu masters from afar (one of his side quests is to conquer china and remove kung fu from it entirely) .
you pretty much can guess the remaining story from here (hint , introduce matrix like moments) .

a stare down (look into his eyes , you may see the theater audience)

BUT the writing , humour and visuals are amazing !!
this time around you get to see a LOT more epic fights , a lot more witty humour , a lot more moments of pure awesomeness !
there is even a flashback scene that shows BABY PO , so lots more amazing animal cute moments !!!  (I now want a baby panda)

The cast too , this time around is utilized much more , though most of them (furious five) speak very little , all that comes out of their mouths is really funny .
Especially master shifu (dustin hoffman) who spoke maybe 5 lines of dialogue the entire movie , but all lines were just pure laugh out loud hilarious .
Angelina Jolie’s tigress too , is more better used now , more like an emotional rock to po.
Lord shen (played by the wonderful Gary Oldmen, AKA commissioner Gordon ) , the new villain , though not as  dangerous as the first movie’s “tai lung ” , has a more personal history with po , he killed po’s parents , and now po is destined to beat him . Shen is wonderfully animated , his peacock feathers are just beautiful when in motion . And he is not bad at creating some great funny moments too . (I don’t want to spoil anything for you people )
Jack black as po is still amazing as ever .
jean claude vandamme  also join the club. (as a kung fu crocodile)

The visuals this time are much more prettier . I remember watching kung fu panda 1 on blue ray and felling a little underwhelmed (the fur and special effect were nice , but not enough) , but this one fixes those annoyances by putting in way more special effects (shader effects) that are just begging to be seen in HD . the entire climax scenes would look gorgeous in HD . So much more color than the previous movie .

At the audio front , the score by hans zimmer (the dark knight) and john powell (how to train your dragon)  had me humming the tunes even after i left the theatre  (with me trying to throw fireballs and trying to find my inner peace ).

overall :   9/10  or  A-

Though not as original as the first movie , everything is forgiven thanks  all to the beautiful kung fuuuuu !!
I am gonna go watch it again soon , this movie is just pure fun for everybody .