super street fighter 4 arcade edition is coming up (july) ,
and for people who are wondering if their low end pc’s could run it , here …

this is street fighter 4 . super street fighter 4 uses the same graphics engine . but has new characters and lots of new gameplay modes.
i was able to get 55-60 fps (fraps) on the laptop
(hp pavillion dv5 1126 . its 3 years old)
should run fine on most new laptops with a low end graphic card (intel ones dont count) .

i love playing with the keyboard (kinda like a flat arcade stick)
but you WILL need a controller to pull of moves of some characters (zangeif , guile ..etc) . they have moves that depend entirely on analog sticks turns .

fps : 55 – 60
settings : low – medium
resolution : 800 x 600

(i was able to get a 60 fps on my gt220 ( 1 year old , low end card ) in my PC too , with HD resolutions and all settings on high , except for antialiasing )

oh , and the above gameplay is on the “hardest” difficulty . im avoiding doing all aerial attacks coz vega takes advantage of those .

you gotta love akuma !