community work suits

Misfits is a british tv show that features 5 teens/young adults who happen to gain superpowers while working under community service (they arent exactly perfect citizens ) .
On their first day of community service they encounter an unusual storm over england that manages to give a lot of citizens supernatural powers . they too managed to gain some .

the first guy from the left , curtis has time reversing powers . he can go back in time and make changes accordingly without creating paradoxes . next , alisha bailey can cause men to lust towards her , kind of like a dumb poison ivy (batman villain).   Nathan Young  is effectively immortal and can interact with the recently deceased (his real superpower is his loud mouth that never stops insulting people ).  Kelly Bailey can hear people’s thoughts (telepathy and empathy), usually when somebody judges her, but later demonstrates control. Simon Bellamy initially turns invisible when ignored, and later at will.

The show has excellent writers . Screenplay and direction for each episode is brilliant . Check out at least the first three episodes before judging the show entirely . The acting by most of the cast is excellent . Especially by robert sheehan who plays “nathan young” who is lovable at every scene though can be most times a big douche for not thinking of others feelings .

The only issue i have with the show is that ,  some of the characters could easily fall under the “evil” category .
2 of the characters kill (accident or not , they do have a member who can reverse time ) innocent misunderstood people and feel no remorse whatsoever .
the only characters worth rooting for are  curtis and kelly . both of whom have some form of human sympathy to others .
the other 3 are just terrible (albeit interesting)  characters .

Excluding those minor annoyances , the how feels really original and has some great episodes .
must point out episode 4 , where curtis goes back in time  to prevent himself from getting caught , but he makes mistakes every time he changes history (the future is drastically changed) . Finally he realizes that he  has to set history in such a way that he sacrifices his release for his loved ones , its an action packed episode with some great writing.

the show has 2 season so far . each season has only 6 episodes but all well done .