i am getting too old for this

I will begin by saying that this movie is BETTER than the movies 2 and 3 of the pirates of the Caribbean trilogy .
The pirates of the Caribbean series of movies should only be considered as a joy ride that lets you see  different takes on ocean sailing legends.
Unlike the last two movies , this one feels standalone , and has a mostly satisfying closure .

The plot has has jack sparrow on the hunt for the fountain of youth , but hes not the only one after it . The British and Spanish are on a chase to get to the fountain first and claim it as theirs . the legendary pirate blackbeard (ian mcshane) and his daughter are out for the fountain too .  Blackbeard is out for the fountain so that he can safeguard himself from a prophesy that states he will be killed by an one legged man . Jack sparrow isnt so clear to what he wants . penolope cruzs character (daughter of blackbeard and ex-lover of jack sparrow) is out to save her father and save his soul , she is more of a female version of jack sparrow (selfish) though not  funny or clever .
Captain barbossa is now a member of the British empire and is out to help them win the chase (hes got plans of his own though too )
The journey to the fountain and the requirements to access it provide a decent amount of mystery  almost in the same likes of the first movie .

Most of the cast from the previous movies are absent (albeit a few) , no more orlando-keira -jack love triangle (whew) . instead we get a fresh supply of new  , though not that memorable  set of new characters .
Johnny depps jack sparrow is still fun as ever though slightly stiffer than before , but still crazy enough to make you smile .
Captain barbossa is also great fun and pretty much steals most scenes hes in .
Penolopes character is quite interesting , im expecting her to someway make it to movies 5 and 6 . (yes , there is 2 more movies planned and set for shooting).
Blackbeard doesn’t seem to be intimidating enough . he looks tough but he couldn’t shake of the awesomeness of davy jones from my mind .
A christian missionary accompanies blackbeard so that he might have some chance of  having his soul saved , He is the substitute for orlando in this movie . he manages to fall in love with a mermaid , and they provide a nice small relationship angle.
Jack and penelope’s characters have a little bit of romance but due to their untrustworthy  nature , the audience wont be able to identify  any actual chemistry between the two .

The action scenes are short , well choreographed and  not convoluted . The movie brings a new take on mermaids that i found to be amazing . vampire mermaids . brilliant.  a scene where the mermaids attack the crew is great and well done . my only regret is that jack sparrow didn’t have a proper encounter with the mermaids . screw dumb piranha movies and this series , makes movies just about vampire mermaids .
Unlike the ending of POTC 2 where everyone loses , this one has everyone getting something they like  and with a descent closure .Yet they still managed to drop in some extra tidbits about the plot of movie 5 too .  the rumors  now are that movie 5 will be a standalone movie , so no need to worry about a large convoluted plot that stretches across 2 movies .

I havens seen the movie in 3D myself , but apparently the 3d actually hinders proper viewing cause most of the movies is shot in night time and in caves .

The only Cons i could find were that  the movie felt a little  long  , less screen time for mermaids ,  jack sparrow felt stiffer than usual , no black pearl :/ , crappy supporting cast , and the subplot for the spaniards (completely unnecessary , i dont want to spoil it  , but they just kept poppin up places )

overall :    7/10  or B+

descent opener to the summer .
old jack sparrow , new settings .
vampire mermaids .