For people who dont have a clue about the batman comic book universe ,  u could begin with the current arc (batman incorporated) .
Penned by the grant morrison (the writer who currently enjoys the position of best batman writer ever . he wrote batman R.IP , the new “batman and robin” and the return of bruce wayne )  , this issue is just filled with so many bad ass scenes that im gonna post images of pages every once in a while .  issue no.6 is a catch up episode that morrison puts out once in awhile to deconfuse readers . (his stories are quite complex and comes out proper only at the climax issue)

Ever since the return of  Bruce Wayne (from death OR darkseid’s omega sanction that put him in a travel across time periods without his memory) .
Bruce Wayne’s  rules of “working alone”   have changed considerably . while travelling across time , he realized that batman’s mythic supernatural character has to be taken advantage of . HE IS CREATING AN ARMY OF BATMEN , people who will wear his colors across the globe in different cities .
on visiting the future he saw an evil he didn’t expect called leviathan . and now hes going after them .
Bruce Wayne has revealed to the world that he is the man responsible for batman (don’t get cracky yet) , he lets the world know that HE is the guy providing the funding for batman incorporated and is starting operations all across the world .
With many batmen in the world , the last person anyone will doubt is bruce wayne pulling the strings . (get it ? )
During the batman R.I.P arc , a lot of people got word that bruce wayne may be batman , so this puts them into confusion too.
oh and don’t worry about Gotham , while bruce was supposedly dead , Dick Grayson and Damien wayne have taken over the roles of batman and robin , and have Bruce’s blessings . (relax , read the current other batman titles , you will see that dick Grayson plays is an amazing batman)

Sure we’ve seen billionaire business guy publicaly “do something about it” *cough* Tony Stark *cough* but it’s not something Bruce Wayne would typically do. And I’m digging it.

Artist Chris Burnham continues to stand in for the originally solicited Paquette, and I don’t mind one bit.
check out this page too . Nice scene between the “BATMEN” and Gordon.