blue gel galore . im blue da ba dee dabba da-ee

Portal 2  is the sequel to a small game (portal) that came along in a combo of games called “orange box” . the orange box , was actually just a  crash course for the “half life” game universe . portal one was just an added bonus that the developers put into some extra disc space .  But surprisingly the game stood apart from the other games for its simplicity and great character development .
the original portal story had  the user play as “chell” , a female test subject that wakes up in a sort of test chamber run by aperture science. guided by an artificial intelligence called “Glados” , chell proceeds  to go through a series of test chambers untill she finds a way to escape the facility. chell is armed with a “portal gun” that creates portals on walls that allows her to reach normally inaccessible places and allow objects to reach different places . the true star of the game was Glados , as she went from a sweet nice A.I to a evil manipulative being that was actually trying to kill you (this was mainly because you and her develop a nice relationship , and when u end up fighting in relationships , women tend to be sour losers).  At the end of the first game , chell had defeated glados , destroyed the facility , and  was presumed dead.
Now, in portal 2  (standalone game now , cause of  the original’s popularity) ,  you wake up as chell in an “in ruins” test facility , led by an A.I called “wheatley” who himself is trying to escape the place . soon you run into the corpse of  “Glados”  , who the system revives , and is apparently really pissed off  about what chell did to her in the past. now you and wheatly have to survive a series of  newly designed test chambers and devise a way to escape from the  angry glados .
i dont want to spill story spoilers , all i can say is it is filled with surprises and greatly  funny characters .

Gameplay improves thanks to new additions such as reflection cubes , different gels (blue for high jumping , orange for super speed , white to create portals on) bring a lot of new innovative puzzle solving challenges .
the puzzles , even though quite easy , do require a little bit of parallel thinking to complete . most of the time you’d feel embarrassed for spending a long time thinking of a solution , only to realize that the solution was a right in front of you .

the inclusion of new hilarious characters like the A.I wheatley (voiced by stephen merchant ) and  apperutre science founder cave johnson (voiced by j.k.simmons , aka j.jonah Jameson from spiderman movies)  are all amazing additions  and bring in a lot of depth to the story .  glados is still amazing as ever , and the plot twist shows a different side to her .
Graphics didn’t change that much since portal 1 , since the game still runs on the source engine (in pretty much all valve games) , but small subtle changes like new lighting and physics do push most old systems a little bit . (the game is also available on consoles)

the only small problem with the game , was that the game is quite short . even with the more harder puzzles , i was able to finish the game in less than a day .  But the game does offer a great co-op online multiplayer mode that i haven’t been able to try yet .

overall : 9/10 .
other than the small single player mode i cant find any other flaw .
a great plot twist , great humour ,  path deviations and amazing historic tidbits about aperture science create an unforgettable ride .

We’re a lot alike, you and I. You tested me. I tested you. You killed me. I—oh, no, wait. I guess I haven’t killed you yet. Well. Food for thought.“―GLaDOS