insidious movie review : 

a freakishly surprising movie tht caught me off guard. it is about a family , who moves into a new house , where they find paranormal activites occuring all around them .
the movie is made in collaboration by the people who made "saw" and "paranormal activity"
thr best thing about this movie is the atmosphere the director builds. the beginning five minutes reminds you of paranormal activiy and puts you at ease , after 20 minutes into the flick it brings in some stuff from the exorcist , post the exorcist moments , its just pure hell .
once you know there are invisible things out there , terror in you builds up and you may hold your breath expecting something terrible coming around the corner .

plot is made just o incorporate all these horror elements , so nothing special here.
acting is poor , u dont feel the cast is scared , but this aint a academy award flick .
sounds effects are good and work great to shock you outta a tiresome scene.

(poor acting and ending ... but the horror .. the horror !! .. will keep you invested )
this is the kind of horror i like.
the entire movie is a house of horror.
watch it alone (or with a date , well okay , not a date , coz you dont want the date to see you scared) and with headphones (or home theatre)