Before you guys start reading, please note that the pictures aren’t arranged properly. Still learning how to do that in WordPress. Forgive and read. I finally got some time and laziness off my schedule to write this in. Let me know what you guys think .

Build Quality:-

The X2 feels strong. Nothing feels out of place and nothing wobbles. Kinda like the Nokia 6300. But a little bigger and heavier. Not too heavy. Just the right amount of heavy. It boasts an aluminium battery cover and it looks shiny. Very professional looking if you pick the White and Blue combination of colors. The Black and Red makes it look like an Xpress music phone which makes YOU look like you bought the phone only for the music.

What’s in the box: –

The Nokia X2, In-ear Nokia headphones, Charger. The box doesn’t include the USB-Cable so you might have to buy one from a store if you don’t already have one.

The Display : – 

The Nokia X2’s display has got to be one of the brightest and most clearest display I’ve ever seen in the Nokia brand of phones. The only disadvantage in the display are it’s viewing angles. You won’t be able to see much from the sides. But at the rate my friends are buying “privacy screens” and “Mirror screens”, I’m sure this feature would not make it a problem. 

Sound Quality(Telephone, NOT music):- 

So far so good. I’ve been able to hear everything clearly and people I’ve spoken to haven’t increased their volume.

Speakers: – 

The speakers have got be my favorite part about the phone. They’re the loudest I’ve heard yet. Stereo speakers. One on the top of the phone and one on the bottom. Crazy loud. The best speakers I’ve heard so far. The phone practically shakes when a song is played. And it sounds crystal clear too. Really happy with the speakers for a guy who consistently breaks his headphones. Here are the tests results for the X2 which I found on the net. 

User Interface : – 

Okay, I have to be honest with you guys. The UI isn’t the best. It’s S40. But it’s got everything for the price it’s offered at. Music, photos, facebook app, etc. But it could’ve been better. The photo browsing is simple and fast. The zooming feature in the phone is pretty neat and really fast too. Not bad, but you can’t expect to play symbian games or get alot of applications for the phone.

Music Player : – 

Before I get to the music player, please note that the phone has a built in radio antenna which lets you listen to the radio without headphones. Useful for my friends in Kuwait. Now, The music player the new S40 music player available in the new phones. Pretty neat and simple and there’s nothing to worry about over here. It even has album art. 

Music Quality : – 

Well, this is where it gets interesting, doesn’t it? The music quality in the Nokia X2 is….wait for it….Awesome. 😀 I was amazed at how clear and loud the music was. I won’t recommend you use the Nokia headphones they give, though. It just spoils all the fun that the phone has to offer. And with the battery life the phone offers, you’ll be listening to songs all day long. 🙂 Here are the results for the music quality test with headphones. The straighter the line, the better.

Battery life : – 

The battery life for the Nokia X2 is 27 hours of music playing. You heard it right.27 HOURS!!! And it ain’t some false advertising like the Nokia company usually do. It stayed for around 22 hours for me WITH calls and continuous messaging. It’s crazy. I was shocked. But I guess it’s because of my previous phone’s(Nokia N95) battery life which was basically an hour without using the phone at all. 😛

Conclusion : – 

The X2 is an amazing phone for it’s price. KD. 28 in Kuwait and Rs. 4600 in India. I’m really happy with the phone. But you can add a little more money and get the sony erricson Zylo. AND AND AND, this phone is perfect for the ones who think theirs are going to get stolen by their college seniors. 😛 But if you’re willing to pay more, I can recommend you MANY more cellphones. This one’s really cheap and gives you the bang for your buck.