Let me begin my review of this movie with my condolences to Deepika Padukone's family on the loss of their daughter's roles. 

           "Dum Maaro Dum" is a miserable cocktail of love(Affairs, as I see them), drama and sex. Well, okay, if you count a gun fight in a market as an action scene, okay, it may be called an action movie too. We'll begin with the acting. 90 percent of the movie goes on expression deprived faces. All the actors in the movie are just paid to stand there and read from a piece of paper. But I guess that comes with drugs. Abhishek Bachan does a good job, no doubt. His expressions in the movie makes him worth the money they spent. Zoe, played by Bipasha Basu, does drugs and has affairs. Why she feels the sudden need for getting back with Joki, played by Rana Dagubati is completely senseless and is not explained in the movie at all. Joki, btw, also is expressionless and spends most of his screen time running, screaming and singing. 

          Next comes the story and direction. The story is completely made on a "We're broke. We need a movie" basis. The chances that Joki passes right in front of Kamath(Abhishek) is just plain stupid and clearly shows how bollywood's run out of ideas to execute a movie. And you would think a place like Goa has at least a little police attention in at least one of the beaches. It just seems like the whole state was on drugs(Also explained by the police force themselves). Abhishekh Bachan decides to stop them all. And the drug lords kill everyone but him. The whole plot feels completely made up. 

          Music - What music? All I heard was Dum Maaro Dum accompanied by Deepika Padukone's child abuse victim face. 

Conclusion - The movie could have been a lot better with a location like Goa. The plot could have given a little more explanation. The plot could at least seem a little believable. 

Score = 2/10.