they've nailed the dress code

I had low expectations for this one . Especially since they premiered the movie in a dump of a theatre . But thankfully the four of the guys  seems to have pulled off a great job , with great help from the director (same guy who made pokiri raja) .

The plot revolves around 4 friends (Jayram,Biju menon ,manoj.k.jayan and kunjacko boban ) , from which  jayrams character apparently killed a girl during his college days , and was sentenced to prison for 12 years . The movie kicks off with the 4 friends reuniting . The other 3 of them seems to have done well in life and are quite rich . Due to jayrams request of wanting to regain his missed college days, the other three agree to rejoin college again and complete their PG degrees .
From there I expected a story similar to most other college flicks , but this one had a really good detective vibe to it .
There was a good amount of guess work from my part to find the actual killer (my brother guessed the killer at his first guess) ,  helped also by a similar murder that happens just a few days after they return to college . That had me intrigued. The ending is actually quite predicable and not surprising , but the build to the ending works well .
The four of theirs antics at college break the tension with some excellent humor . for those of you people who miss their college days , this movie is recommended .

acting wise , from the four , Biju Menons really stood out . he was hilarious . didn’t expect him to be the funiest of the bunch. Manoj. k. jayan also gave out a great performance . The other 2 ,Jayram didnt have any funny lines , and kunjacko seems to have matured as an actor (there is this nice scene where the other 3 make fun of his chocolate boy looks with kunjackos 90’s movie “aniyetthi pravu” music playing in the background). Supporting cast was highly underutilized too , considering that they were all great actors. Suraj does his great slapstick humor to great effect in the second half too .  credit to the script writer for making the dialogues simple .

Audio side could’ve really used some improvement , especially since this is a college movie , i expected feet tapping music.

overall : 8\10
great movie for people , who really miss their friends and college life .
great time for release too , considering most final year students are graduating rite now too .
will make you want to reunite and revisit college after 10 years .