somewhere far away , a stone cold is laughing

i saw the movie just to see “the rock vs vin diesel ” fight …. fortunately this is a descent movie too .
this time the major characters (Vin , Paul walker , and Vin’s sis Mia) are on the run . they end up needing money , so they attempt a small train robbery which ends up with them making a lot of enemies . they seems to be right in the middle of good and bad . the bad comprises of a evil drug lord and large amounts of Brazil gang members , on the other side , good has THE ROCK !! who is just out to catch the major three one way or another . the major three plan to steal all the money of the drug lord and escape into the horizon .

paul walker still plays the subtle nice guy loverboy . Vin is back as the cool tough guy , but this time the tough guy is THE ROCK ! who is just a tank running down everything in his path , his character is a perfect balance to vin and paul (remember, last time paul was on team good and felt underpowered by the dominance of Vin ) .
the rest of the supporting cast (members from the last 4 movies) dont do anything of relevance and are quite forgetful.

the plot is quite boring and really predictable , but then again this movie feels like a lot of action scenes around which a plot was written .
the after credits scene felt more intriguing than the whole movie .
the action scenes are excellent and all well done . must note that there are hardly any races in this one , this is more like the oceans eleven of car movies .
the rock vs vin diesel fight scene was great and quite technical . the fight ended with one guy winning just because of his rage so the question of “whos the better fighter ?” is still open to debate . (plus its just obvious there is gonna be more vin diesal vs rock battles in the future )
vin diesal feels smaller than the rock 🙂 , the rock looks like a block of granite !

cons :
crappy supporting cast .
forgetful plot .

overall :

B+ or 7.5/10

entertainer . great way to start of the summer movie season . and most summer action movie plot usually suck . so fast five is forgiven .

the only “smart” summer action movie was “the dark knight” 🙂